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        公司產品生產工藝源自德國漢諾威大學,擁有優秀的生產技術并具備強大的檢測能力和生產能力。自進入市場以來,憑借精湛的工藝,精益求精的品質迅速占領國內市場并出口至多個國家 , 得到客戶很好地反饋。
        我司鼓風機整機采用ADC12鋁合金壓鑄成型,電機采用雙壓寬頻率電機,不需要經過任何的改動和測試就可以在全球使用,并且可以配套防爆電機,生產設備采用日本馬扎克車削中心,德國卡爾申克平衡機,瑞典??怂箍灯煜氯鴺藴y量機,保證設備能耗低、效率高 噪音低、外形美觀、使用壽命長特點。
        公司始終堅持 “敬業奉獻、團結務實、勵精圖治、 卓越創新” 的精神,為社會奉獻高效節能的風機,另外可提供ODM, OEM服務,歡迎各界朋友蒞臨參觀、指導和業務洽談。


        Beijing Meiqile mechanical & electrical co., ltd is a professional ring blower,regenerative blower, side channel blower manufacturer.
        We have blower development, test and production center with main technology is originated from German Havover university focus on good and stable quality. Since entering the market, with superb technology, keep improving the quality of the rapidly occupation of the domestic market and exported to dozens of countries around the world, receive customer feedback very well.

        The blower adopts ADC12 alloy die casting, the motors for blower are range for 50Hz and 60 Hz ,this makes them the ideal solution for worldwide use without modification or test . And it can be equipped with explosion-proof motors. The production equipments were imported from Japanses  SANKI(MAZAK) turning center, German Carl Shengke(SCHENCK)balance machine and Sweden(HEXASON)three coordinate measuring machine to insure the product low energy consumption, low noise, beautiful appearance and long service life
        The company always adhere to the "professional dedication, unity, pragmatic, hard work, outstanding innovation" the spirit of dedication for the society of high efficiency and energy saving fan,
      We  can provide ODM, OEM service, we are sincere welcome customers come to visit our factory and start business 

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